Who Am I Part Paper

I enjoyed taking these tests because it gave me an idea of what my personality Is like and what my weakness and strengths are. I feel these results accurately described me because I have taken previous tests like these in high school and got about the same results. It is good to see that some areas have improved, while others, Like my anxiety levels, have increased. I now know more about my personality and what other people see when they talk to me.

I am a very depressed person, so I feel Like everyone thinks I’m stupid or annoying or Just weird. My results showed me that I do have great skills In dealing with rejection, that I am practical and down to earth, and that I have an average score In social situations. It Is also good to know that I am mostly agreeable. I think these tests are reliable because a lot of times people wont tell you what they really think of you and you are kind of Just left guessing.

These tests ask elated and practical questions with easy answers that are simple Just agree or disagree. My favorite test was the anxiety test, because I have been diagnosed with anxiety. I worry about almost everything that can go wrong and usually don’t look at the positive things going on in my life. It’s good to know my level of anxiety, because I never knew it was actually that high. These tests have really shown me my true personality and it feels great to know about them, even the ones that are bad and low scores.