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Analyses Indicate that D. Melanomas can serve as a model for a wide array of gene functions Involved In human disease These fly disease models can be used to study the cell-biological basis for the degeneration phenotype. Studies have revealed that animals with similar developmental mechanism act throughout important process. Malaria developmental mechanisms act throughout bilateral animals to accomplish several Important processes that Include: Specifying segment identity along the anterior-posterior axis; subdividing the ectoderm into neural versus non-neural domains along the dorsal-ventral axis; identifying the appendages outgrowth from the body, the formation of complex structures such as the eyes, the heart, the lungs and the Immune system; the outgrowth of axons In the nervous system; and, potentially, controlling basic behaviors such as sleep or substance abuse.

Since there is genetic template we can use, scientist have used this to fill a niche between unicellular organisms such as yeast and the slime would Dissolutely discommode. With this understood It’s Ideal for studying CELL AUTONOMOUS eukaryotic functions such as DNA repairmen or cell division Cons Yeast advantages over D. Melanomas include shorter generation times, smaller genomes, and larger numbers of individuals that can be produced.

Biological processes have evolved only within vertebrae Choose a human disease from the article and paraphrase, as simply as possible, how fruit flies are being used to study the disease and what they tell us. Tell the story of hat disease, but keep It simple, Like you would explain It to your Mom. Triplet repeat disease involves consecutive copies of a gene code (GAG) causes and subnormal muscular atrophy. The triplet repeat disease symptoms of a fly mimics the human, where the symptoms include the retina degrading.

Who do you think the target audience of this paper is and why? How broad do you expect interest in this article to be (all Drosophila researchers? All biologists? The general public? Etc? Why? The general public would be interested in a topic concerning how the fly structure can help us comprehend the human diseases inheritance. The biologist and fly researchers will be more interested on how the experiments are ran and how the other species models one can observe can be related to humans.

They may wonder if other species will help out in other diseases. Has the author convinced you that the Drosophila model system is indeed a powerful model for studying human disease? Why or why not? It’s a powerful model showing how from a geneticist perspective because it helps identify and analyze a broad range of human disease genes. This model confirms it and now genetics can be applied to help us understand how some of the deadliest diseases to humans are inherited.