Who am I?

“Who Am first my name is Jessica. I’m also referred to as a daughter, sister, cousin, friend, coworker, that quiet girl. I’m a student and know that throughout my life span I’ll always want to be learning new things and keeping my brain active. I enjoy researching, as well as computers, music and technology. I consider myself to be hardworking and responsible. I Like that I can manage living on my own, and do my best to keep a balance between the important aspects of my life.

I love traveling the world and adventuring new places. It can be interesting to meet new people with different ideas. I’m also an ambitious, generous and caring person. I like that I go after what I want, and that I’m thoughtful and considerate and can be there for loved ones. My easy-going nature and ability to be flexible In life, has allowed me to “go with the flow’ and because of this, I find I’m not easily angered. Jessica Thawed ROR 100 Who Am l? I ordered my values as follows: 1.

Learning 1 _ Individualism 2. Friendship 12. Safety 3. Love 13. Relaxation 4. Family 14. Kindness 5. Work 15. Laughter 6. Independence 16. Money 7. Having fun 17. Possessions 8. Honesty 18. Service to others 9. Health 19. Religion 10. Freedom 20. Politics working, having independence and fun. I first did this assignment in early September, and was surprised to find that some of my answers were different from now. I have definitely become more aware of my goals and what’s most important in my life.