Who Am I?

In this write up I will answer one question, Who Am I? One can look at themselves from many different aspects such as religion, culture, media, family etc…

The first aspect of myself I would like to discuss is religion. I am a Hindu. Hinduism has been around for a long time. Hinduism is one of the oldest religions ever recorded. Hindus have a lot of qualities, which are instilled during childhood. For example all Hindus are commanded never to eat Beef because it is a holy animal (like Cleopatra and the cats). Hindus were recognized as one of the most devoted peoples during the reign of the Maharajas and some still are. We believe very deeply in god. However during childhood, depending on our background, our parents explain to us what a good Hindu is, and this is the example we try to follow in order to be a ‘good’ Hindu. Thus I think I am a ‘good’ Hindu based on what my parents have taught me.

The next aspect I want to discuss is culture, which is related to my religion. I am an Indian and our culture also runs a long way back in time just like Hinduism. I think that all Indians have the same culture, however our culture is more evident in the upper classes. My culture is a very strict one, where children are taught to obey their parents, listen to them, and above all respect them. My culture is a very respectable one because it has a lot of qualities. Thus I am the way I am, I am not rude at all, neither I am very loud. And I have a lot of self -respect and self esteem. I am the way I am because of all the qualities that my parents have taught me.

Another Perspective that I would like to focus on is ones family. I believe that a persons’ family is the most important thing because a family provides a person with mostly everything they need (love, inspiration etc…). One can look at me and see the ethics, which have been drilled into me by my family. It is also easy to look at me and see what my family’s background is. I act and think the way I have been taught by my family and so I do think that the family has a major part in deriving what the question ‘Who Am I?’ means. Also my abilities and genes come from my parents (The Family), thus if one looks at me from far one can see fragments of my parent’s personalities. Everyone has a name but I do not believe that a persons’ name changes their personality in any way.

Another viewpoint of myself is from the media aspect. I prefer to wear baggy clothes chiefly because I prefer wearing them because they are comfortable for me. However my clothing is related to the music I listen to which is mainly Hip-Hop and Rap. Thus you could say that I act the way some singers and rappers act. My character is partly influenced by that (the music I listen too). It does not have too great an influence on me, but it does have an influence on me nonetheless. Also the media and advertisement influence some of the material possessions that I would like to have such as a mini Ipod or a new computer game. Therefore I covet those things according to how the media portray them. For example if a new games comes out called “Blown Away” and the media portray it as an ‘excellent game’ I would want to buy it and try it because the media say it Is a good game. I also think that my personality is slightly influenced by celebrities (other personalities). Consequently Media also has a big part in my character.

The next perspective I would like to discuss is friends. I meet and see friends almost everyday of the week. I spend a lot of time with them and I am constantly making new friends either in person or over the net or over the phone. I have many close friends also. As a result I think I am very influenced by them and try to blend in when I am with them; I act differently with them. However when I am at home I don’t talk and act like I am with my friends; I talk and act how I know they would like me too or I act and talk the way I am feeling. This also brings up the question of ‘real me’? Personally I don’t think there is a ‘real me’ because I do not interact with myself and so I would not know the complete ‘real me’. I know part of the ‘real me’ for example what kind of music and clothes I like. However the rest of the ‘real me’ is behind a shroud. It is a mystery to everyone including me (which indeed is quite a daunting thought).

I would also like to talk about a dramatic life experience, which I endured and which I know has changed me. Roughly a year ago I lost a very dear friend. Before she passed I thought friends were just friends and that they were nothing great. It was not such a big deal for me to have friends because I figured that everyone had them. But after she passed I realized the value of a friend and because of this I hold my friends very close to me because they are very dear to me.

On the next page I have made a chart, which shows how everything I have talked about is related to one thing: my character. Everything I have talked about makes up most of my character. The chart that I have made will help me to explain that.