Who Am I?

As I sit here at my computer, my initial thought was that this assignment was going to be easy. In fact, it is not. I do not know where to begin or end for that matter. Anything and everything I have done, said, seen, and been a part of, all my life, has left footprints in my personality and has made me into the individual I am today.

Twenty-two years ago, my parents found out they were going to have a little girl. They knew right away, they would name her Stephanie. Coming from a French background, my Dad loved the name and my Mom thought it would fit since she was finally going to have a little princess. My name means crowned one. Hence, a princess. I was always the “baby” and the “spoiled one” according to my two older brothers. They always seemed to pick on me, but somehow were always protecting me from anything and anyone who came too close.

Always being the little one, my friends pick on me for being little as well. I have always been the tiny, short one(5’2″ and a half to be exact). Therefore, given the opportunity to be called several nicknames: Shorty, Spanky, Smurfette, etc. Needless to say they were also always looking out for their little friend. Through countless moving throughout my life, I have seemed to keep several friends, who are spread throughout the Maritimes and Ontario.

I grew up in a small town called Louisdale, in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. My family and I moved one summer when I was fourteen years old, to Moncton, New Brunswick. We shortly discovered that it was not the right place for us. After two or three months we moved back to Louisdale. I then moved to Toronto, Ontario, when I was sixteen years old. I lived there for the next six years, and moved here to Halifax, Nova Scotia, almost four months ago. Being from Cape Breton, moving to Toronto was a huge change and very difficult to get used to. People were not as friendly and made it hard in the beginning for me to make new friends. Finishing high school was great, that is after I swallowed the fact I would have to complete and extra year, O.A.C. (or grade thirteen). I had made several friends, and lived a totally different life than I could have ever had dreamed of living in Cape Breton.

Once it came time to think about going to university, I did not have any ideas of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Unsure of what really interested me, I decided to take a few years to myself, and decide over time.

In the time I had off from school, I believe this was the time when I developed most of my personality traits. I am honest and trustworthy. I have a great sarcastic sense of humor. I am a very caring person and like to consider situations from several perspectives and also listen to others. I value relationships and trust other peoples’ intuition. I never like leaving people out. I am a positive thinker. I think in terms of similarities rather than differences and I like to look for meaning or significance in life.

Last year, I made the decision to attend Saint Mary’s University. Since living here in the past four months, I have had my appendix out. It was while I was lying in bed on countless medications, including morphene, when I decided what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I had the most polite and considerate surgeons, doctors, nurses, and of course my family who all helped me recover from my surgery. This is what ultimately made my decision to become a nurse.

Oddly enough, one of my worst fears is seeing blood. I’m sure this will subside once I become a nurse. It will have to if I want to be successful. A few more of my fears would be spiders, bugs, and I’m deathly afraid of swimming in oceans or lakes.

When I was nine. My parents and some friends of my family were at our cottage in Cape Breton. My Dad was trying to start our speedboat, while I was hanging onto the side, kicking my legs in the water. All of a sudden, the boat jerked and I went under the boat. Thank God, we were close to shore, and my Dad’s friend saw what was happening and ran into the water to save me before anything horrible happened. I was not hurt, but since then I can no longer go into the water.

The religion I follow is Catholic. My parents have always told my brothers and I that when we were old enough we could make the decision to follow the religion they had taught us, or we could follow another. They have raised me to believe in God, and I do. I believe that there is a heaven. I also believe that a religion should not set two people from finding a life or a friendship together.

I dated my ex-boyfriend for two years. He is Jewish. I absolutely loved being a part of his family and having him a part of mine. We both learned so much about culture and how growing up in different countries and cultures affects our lives and who we become.

I believe everything that has happened in my life, whether it be moving to another place, meeting new people, learning new religions, or making the decision to wait another day to think thoroughly about the rest of my life reflect who I am and who I have become. I am a very well rounded individual and I believe that only I can ultimately affect how my life changes through my everyday decisions. This is what makes me Who I Am.