Who am I

My life is just like some other people’s lives too. My life is similar with theirs in a sense that I also have problems of my own and have to deal with struggles that come my way. Like any other people, I also dealt with different pain-staking circumstances in the past that some changed how I live my normal life. As things turned complicated, it became harder for me to bear the heavy loads that I have. I have been through a lot, and I guess my experiences gave me the chance to become better and stronger person. I believe that is the purpose of problems. We encounter problems in order for us to develop our capabilities in handling difficult situations. I was born on the (insert date of birth here).

I was unfortunate to have not been born to a complete and happy family that all of us dream of having I was two years old then when my mother and my father separated. Being an only child, I was raised alone by my mother with the good help of my grandparents. Nevertheless, although I was one of those people who seem to have lost hope, I have experienced significant events in my life where in I realized that my mother and my grandparents were always there for me. My mom and my grandparents served as my strength and joy as I endured the travails of life.

I attended a prestigious school, namely (insert name of school here). There, I met such great amiable friends and teachers. I studied there until the 9th grade. Then, I transferred to a public high school. This change in school caused a great impact on my life. I became more mature because of the change of environment and meeting up new friends and teachers. I became much stronger and much more optimistic. Through those hard times in my high school life, I was able to build a great and deep friendship. That change helped me open up to others and break the boundaries towards differences in culture. I was able to express and share my feelings to other people regardless of gender, race and social status.

In terms of the cultural values that govern my everyday actions, I came to realize that being in a foreign land, there are differences that are meaningful which could be the basis for better relations. Culture may really be seen as humanity’s different strokes towards the common goal of living in a global community. My country of origin, (insert name of country), could be characterized as a different world from the United States.

I am currently attending Regis University, taking up Liberal Arts major, Elementary Education Minor. Before going to school I make sure that I already brushed my teeth and took a bath because personal odors are really offensive in American culture. When it comes to dress codes in school, wearing comfortable jeans and t-shirt are accepted. I also observed that common American values involve individuality, privacy concerns, equality, independence, and hard work. I am always guided by the aforementioned values because they are part of my everyday activities. I value time and try to make the best out of it. I make it a point not to be late in school and in my work.

I currently work for a school district in Las Vegas, HR Department. I show too much passion for my work everyday because I would like to grow a career here in the U.S. in the future. One of my great aspirations is to become a pilot. I am confident and proud to say that I just finished my certification to obtain Private Pilot’s license. I believe that one of the American culture’s greatest influences in my life is the driving force to be independent in everything I do. This can be achieved through hard work and dedication.
When I was a kid, I thought of life as that of a wheel. Sometimes, you reach the top, but in order to keep moving, one must roll and reach the ground. Now that I came to know more about America, it made me a person armed with pride and confidence. Aside from my interest in the careers that I mentioned above, I also love animals. I have three dogs at home which serve as my stress reliever after an exhausting day of work and study. In addition to this, I am in an 8-year relationship with (insert name of fiance here). I am gay. I came out when I was 16. There are people who have feelings towards other people of the same sex, and wonder if this means that they are gay. For many people, these feelings can be very intense and alienating. However, since I grew up to a liberated culture in California, I was able to get over issues and criticisms about my sexuality. When I was 21, I decided to move to Las Vegas to start a new life.

I remember the first time I laid my foot on the streets of the Sin City, Las Vegas cars were everywhere. There were also billboards as big as that of a mountain. Lights of blue, red and green often seemed to mesmerize my eyes. I also saw the people who gamble, drink, and party all night. I saw the kind people whom I only saw on television. It was a moment of joy; I felt like my knees were shaking with excitement that it took a while before I was able to stop grinning. I have conquered my dream. To stand on my feet and live the way I wanted. Being away from my family to pursue with my studies and start a new life gave me the perception that I could be independent, although I tagged along with me the virtues and ideals which my ancestors and my family handed me. “Never to forget home,” that certain line lingered in the senses of my being.

Dealing with conflicts, I believe that there are various traits that an individual must possess in order to provide resolutions to conflicts and problems that arise in everyday living; there is the human ability that proves essential above everything else. Critical thinking rests at the center of every decision-making process as it involves the process of weighing odds against the possible and desired outcome, the ability to systematize a plan or scheme in addressing a crucial scenario, and the aptitude in foreseeing results and consequences in order to anticipate what must be done. These are only a few of the manifestations of critical thinking as the list may very well extend. Nevertheless, it is equally significant to understand the underlying notion that the faculty of thinking judiciously serves the purpose of being able to arrive at a substantial deliberation and decision.
In my stay here at the United States of America, I managed to have a lot of friends. They have been all very good to me and have influenced my individuality greatly. In fact, I usually hang out with them, but there are limitations on up to what extent I allow my friends to be in my space. There are personal issues that I do not let them interfere with. I only ask them for opinion and suggestions, but I am still the one who decides things for my life.