Who Am I

Caring, Intelligent, Modest, Confident and Fun. If somebody asked me how I would identify myself, these five words would be my answer. If I wasn’t an individual with my own identity these five words most likely would not appear on this page. If it wasn’t for my identity I wouldn’t be Seth Adam Gabrielson. My background and experiences is what formed this person.

May 25th 1983 was when my identity began and my mother gave birth to me. When I left the hospital I went strait to my current home in New City, New York. New City isn’t much of a diverse town. Most of the residents are fairly wealthy and are of the middle to upper class. The ironic thing about my town is that it consists of mostly Jews, and Judaism is a minority, but in my town Jews are the majority. I am all of these typical factors of my town.

My community is tight and is a very social community where everybody knows each other. New City is a place where most children get a good education, which results in a good career. Everybody expects everybody’s children to succeed and if you take a different path in life and don’t attend college you are looked down upon. This view has pushed me to the situation which I am in today, which is being a student at a prestigious college. My family has always have had high expectations of me and I want to make them happy. This is another reason why I am in college.

Growing up with two great parents and a sister who is three years older then me, I learned how to be a good person. My parents have always had money but looking at our house, cars, and other luxuries you wouldn’t believe we do. “Money is not everything, happiness is.” That is what my parents always told me when this issue was brought up. The reason my parents don’t generously spend their money is because they want to make sure they can put my sister and I through college, and pay all expected and unexpected expenses. My parents have always tried to teach me different lessons in life.

My dad is a hard working business man, and is always thinking from a business perspective. Raising me my father often emphasized that to make it in the world you need confidence, a good personality and a strong appearance. My mother is a school teacher at a high school. She is very caring and emotional person. Her priority is to make sure my sister and I are happy, and if we aren’t for any reason she will always be there to help us. I feel she taught be to be a considerate person. Having an older sister has its pros and cons. Going to my sister I have always been able to get advice with girls and advice with looking good. From a fashion sense my sister made my appearance. She always buys me clothes without me asking. Having a sister I never had the opportunity to play sports with a sibling. My father and friends were the ones who I played sports with growing up.

Growing up in the same town all my life ,I grew up with the same group of friends. I have had different friends in which were important parts of my life, but these friends have always been my closest. My group of friends at home are very unique. We have a group of about 10 kids who have been best friends since elementary school. Even today in college we are still very close. We are all similar and have the same interests which consist of sports, music, and having a good time. Our personalities are all very similar since they were all formed in the same environment.

Another similarity we have is that we are all family and school oriented, and we are following the paths in which our parents have sent us. My friends and I have always been into playing sports, going to concerts, and having a good time in any situation. All of these interests have taken place in the New York City area. Going to school was the first time my friends and I have left each other and had to develop new friendships and a life in a different area. I am thankful that I left my town and my eyes have finally opened to the rest of the world. To me going to school has been the most influential part.

I have lived in a bubble since I was born on May 25th 1983. The reason for this is I have been sheltered and haven’t seen the world outside of the New York City area. I have noticed that life isn’t the same every where in the world and country. I find Ithaca to be very different from my home town. In Ithaca, people are down to earth and care more about society, and less about themselves. This is an environment where I can truly see the visions my parents have put in my mind. In college I have learned to actually think. Before college I have never really learned anything outside of the classroom and I believe the reason for that is because since day one I have lived in the same area with the same people.

Despite the fact that I was sheltered when raised, I have had many experiences which have dramatically changed and exemplified who I am. All throughout my life I’ve been active in Sports, Clubs and all different hobbies. This reflects who I am because it shows I am always willing to learn some thing new as well as meet different people. Most of my life I have been active and have had many experience, but not all of them were pleasant. An example of this was the most dramatic experience I’ve lived through. This experience is when I almost lost my eye while on a trip in Las Angles.

This happened during the summer of 1997 when I took a summer trip with 30 other kids on a teen tour. With this tour we visited all different tourist attractions and camped out or stayed in hotels throughout the trip. When I got to Las Angles my left eye had a sharp pain and I couldn’t open my eye at all, so the trip leaders took me to the hospital. At the hospital the nurses told me that I might not be able to get my vision back and they have never seen this type of infection and they didn’t know how to handle it. Being far from home and not knowing if I was ever going to see out of that eye again, was the scariest feeling I’ve ever has.

Being petrified I was forced to be optimistic and find the right doctors to bring my vision back. Ironically, the best eye institute in the country is located in LA, and the hospital sent me there immediately. Right when I was transferred over my parents flew into LA within hours. At the eye institute I found a doctor who researched and figured out which infection I had. I had a rare ulcer caused by a pseudomonas bacterium. The bacteria ate my pupil and caused the vision loss. The doctor gave me different drops that I was taking every 15 minutes through the night. Finally after a few months my vision came back.

This experience taught me how important health and family is. The cause of this infection was believed to be my use of contacts. Keeping clean and healthy results in less health problems and a longer healthy life, this is an important fact I learned the hard way. Since that experience I have always made sure I am safe and healthy in all situations. The other thing I realized was that without my family there, I would have had to live through the hardest situation of my life alone. I needed guidance and support and that is exactly what they brought me. Without them, the recovery wouldn’t of been as successful as it was. This showed me how caring for a person is important especially with family and friends. When you are there for somebody it is never forgotten.

Besides being caring there are other assets I have and others I hope to gain. The best asset I have is my work ethic. From sports to school work I always try my hardest to do the best I can. I believe I gained this from my father and my experiences in playing different sports. Sports also made me competitive. Being a huge sports fan and playing sports all my life, I have become competitive in everything I do. I feel this is important in making it in the world and having a drive to do something.

My experiences being raised reflect the success and enjoyment of the world. Living outside of New York and being raised by great parents I have learned about and have had full access to the wonders of the world which are often located in New York. My area and my background is looked to be ideal and Utopian compared to other nations. People around the world might view someone like me as a typical arrogant American who doesn’t understand the world around them. This is something which I somewhat agree with. I am not arrogant but I will admit that I do not fully understand the world around me. Understanding more of the world is a goal of mine. I would like to branch out and experience life in different cultures so I can gain knowledge about the world around me.

From my background and experiences I have created goals which I hope to accomplish. Using my identity I hope to raise a family as well as have a successful career in which ever path I choose to follow. To accomplish these goals I need to take a different perspective on life, which I am experiencing while writing this paper. That is looking at who I am from the outside and how I am placed and viewed at in the world.

I am proud of who I am and there is nothing I would change about my life so far. Being happy and being a good person is my focus and I feel like I am accomplishing that. I currently view myself as a good person but as time goes on I will become an even better person. I am thankful that I have been raised in such a great area with a great family. Using what I learned in my life so far I hope that I continue to improve my identity as well as my influence in the world.