Who Am I

I’m an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. I live life to the fullest. I am simple. And I believe that simplicity is beauty. I am Mariachi Anne Castro Adrian, born on the 23rd day of March 1997. I’m the second child and only daughter of Gabriel and Annie Rose Adrian. I have two brothers. Jorge Hendricks, the eldest, and Gabriel Jar. , the youngest. We are currently living In orgy. 3, Lying, Piddle, Locos Norte. I started schooling when I was six years old.

Kindergarten up to the sixth grade, I entered Upheld Central Elementary School-I’m a consistent deserving pupil from Grade 1 to Grade 6. I joined contests like Science Quiz Bee and I joined Math Quiz Bee only when I was in the sixth grade. I Joined sports competitions, too. On the graduation day, I was recognized as the first honorable mention and I was awarded as the athlete of the year. Elementary days had gone and the Journey to success must go on. I spent my high school life at Don Salvation Aquinas Memorial National High School.

It Is the only public school in our town. I choose to gatherer because it gives quality education, enhance abilities, and develop new skills and talents. In that school, my leadership ability is enhanced. I’m an officer of the Student Council, and to be in that organization, one must have the ability to lead. I also joined competitions concerning Math and Science, and also have the skills In the field of Journalism. I competed In the Dillon Schools Press Conference 2013 In my event, Copeland and Headline Writing.

Luckily I was on the sixth place so I was qualified to Join the Regional Schools Press Conference. I love playing badminton. In high school, I Joined sports competitions and I am fortunate that competed until the regional level four times. I graduated as the Salutatorian and again awarded as the athlete of the year. The people who inspired me most are my family. I know the sacrifices of my parents Just to send us to school, and I know that I have to study hard and finish my schooling.

My mother Is working In a foreign country and she had to fight extreme messiness just it give the needs of the family. My father is a service driver and he had to do double task, to be our father, and to play the role of a mother. They both work hard Just to provide our needs and to give us the best education because they believe that education is a life’s best blessing and the only thing which they can bestow to us. With them, I am Inspired to study harder and flash college so that their sacrifices will be paid off and someday, they’ll see me as the person they want me to be.

After finishing my secondary education, I continued my Journey at the Marino Marco’s State university – College of Teacher Education. Yes, I want to be a teacher. It is the noblest profession. I believe that I have the ability in this field. I told myself that when I will be able to finish this course and be a professional, I will be the one responsible for the younger brother’s schooling, and give the needs of my parents. I first finish my schooling and be educated because education is a sure visa to the most sought Journey to development and success.