Who Am I

I can’t say I’m like every other young ladies because there are certain things that make me a unique Individual. What I can say is that I am progressing to make a brighter future for myself, Vive always been known for having a positive and cheerful personality. I love to smile thus making others smile along with me. Being helpful, patient, religious, risk-taker and workaholic are my traits since a young age. I can’t refuse in every favor being asked from me. Lending a helping hand surely brought Joy to me; so inevitably, I volunteer my services and help a lot.

For example: a elector and a choir member in our church and in school, young leader in every activity and many more. It excites me to work and expose myself with many people; once my future occupation Is to be a TV personality. My future goals and accomplishments are very important to me. I don’t want to just be able to say “l graduated college”, I want to be able to say “l graduated college AND achieve all my accomplishments. I am an aspiring TV personality with the hopes of being seen by many people in different places, while leaving a legacy and a memorable name for myself and for my family.

Choosing the occupation as a TV personality has been set in stone In my mind since the age of twelve. With my determined drive and enthusiastic ambitious personality, I will strive to make it happen However, I always rye to make enough leisure time for family, friends, and activities. As some may say “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. My favorite activities are singing, encoding something, making poems and playing Badminton. Singing is my comforting activity. I use to be on a Glee Club when was eight years old until now.

When the people heard me sung when I was asked to Join a singing contest when I was In grade two, they told me to practice more so I decided to Join In the said club. I also enjoy making poems; but Just to have a good time. I also play Badminton. This Is my favorite sport. I never get tired when playing this sport. Actually, I have been a consistent player of Badminton Doubles when I was in High school. I try to include relaxing activities besides school work into my daily life because it’s important to be well- rounded as a person.

My background explains a lot of who I am and the values that I have developed. Having a broken family Is a very challenging situation – My father lives with another family and I don’t have any updates about him. My mother got married to our step father and both of them currently in Germany and just the same, I don’t have any updates about them. My brother who currently studies in Manila, and I were actually living with our supportive and patient grandmother and aunties. ‘ am really proud of them for accepting the role of a parent. They set aside their own wants and needs Just to support us. I am really thankful for having them. I might not be the person what everyone sees right now without their advices and a hard worker and very compassionate with my goals in life despite the situation we have. “Who am l? ” is a question I have been trying to answer in my entire life. It seems to be a never- ending answer because I find myself to be a striving to be more than I am.