The Boy from My Past Brought Me Here

I am more than what people think of me. More importantly, I know I can be more than who I am today. For as long as I can remember, I never gave up. As much as I can, I do not only try to meet my parents’ expectations, I also try to surpass them. There are those who have judged me, and thought that I could only accomplish so much. But I know I can still achieve far greater things in life, and I believe Seattle University can offer me those opportunities.

I am a child of Indonesia with a Christian Background. Having this as a stepping stone to the kind of life I am living here in this country, I can become stronger and more courageous in facing the different endeavors I know I would have to encounter. Challenges will never stop, and so will I.

I am interested in taking a business course in your University, especially under the Albers Business School. After viewing your website, I found that I am better suited here than in my previous school. I am not only offered opportunities, but I am also guaranteed that I will also be guided well through all the lessons. Assured by the information you have in your website, I know Seattle University is the school for me.

The reason behind my choice is that my parents owns a business, and I would like us to pursue an expansion after my graduation. I have been long exposed to this business, learning the basic and nature from the age of nine. Moreover, with the help of the knowledge and skills I would gain from your University, I know I will be able to take the business to progress.

This business has long been my driving force. I see my parents work on this business, and make a stable living on top of paying for my education. In return, I would like them to feel the gratitude I have for what they have done for me, and so much more. I may never be able to replace what they have given me, but I will try my best.

They are the people who taught me that, to never give up. I remember my father always telling me that life can be cruel, and it will make sure that I would be beaten. He said that I could be driven to my lowest point, and that no matter how hard I hit back, life will always push me down. But my father did also say that it is not about how hard you hit back. It is all about being hit too many times, but still be able to rise and prevail.

My father always reminded me of these while growing up. Today, I carry his wisdom with me. I will bring it with me to the next day. It taught me to not fear failing. Instead, I should take these as lessons, an experience to be part of my strength.

Furthermore, his words also taught me to believe in myself. Despite the hardships and frustrations, I should be able to raise myself from where I lost my footing, and continue on forward. It is not a routine I use to stand back up. It has become a fact I live by. In the next challenges I would face, I could be momentarily lost. But when I remind myself of my father’s words, I will be given enough clarity and spirit to push back, and move forward.

I can be very determined, and with this, I know I can succeed. But when I get admitted to your University, I know I will. My past has driven me to this day. The experiences and lessons I learned became my weapons, and the words of my parents as my shield. Your University can be the best instrument to prove that, and to make me the person I dream of becoming.