KateLynn Senior Project Who am i chapte

Holly Grove Christian School. In being a senior I already have so much on my shoulders. Like figuring out how to pay for my class ring, my cap and gown, senior portraits, and not only paying for all the general every schools senior needs, there Is more. In the beginning of the summer I sold one of my horses to buy myself a car, and so I bought that car. Then within three weeks of enjoying my new car I totaled it, and no it wasn’t exactly my fault.

Yes this is one of the reasons I will never give up deer hunting. Of course that lovely deer decided to run out in front of my 201 2 go. Now I have the add on of trying to save money to buy myself another affordable, drivable, and maybe even a deer slaying car! Now don’t get me wrong there are defiantly many other and many more positive things that are happening in my life at same time. To start out I have been able to attend Word Wick Community College for this semester and the following.

I decided to take the Dental Introduction course for my first semester, and for the second semester I will be taking Dental Radiology to later become a Certified Dental Assistant. I have been blessed with three great Jobs In the past year to be able to save some money to pay for college plus everything else need, but never would I have thought I would be blessed to start my future career so soon. I am currently as of October 30, 2014 employed at Dry.

Setter DIM to be his Dental Assistant part time, as well as going to High School in the morning and college classes after work in the evening. Even though I have already achieved some of the goals that I had laid out for myself in my senior year of high school there are still some more that I will be irking on. For an example I set out a goal to become employed as a Dental Assistant by the time I finished my college classes in March of 2015, and now I can mark that one off my list. By the end of my senior year I want to have a better relationship with my mom.

As I have been wanting to move out as soon as I turn 18 , I have thought hard and I don’t want to Just leave my mom, and make her think that I don’t love her or anything, I am honestly just very eager to be my own adult. I know one day that she will be proud of me for all that I am doing, but I do want to leave, and move out tit her knowing I do love her with all my heart, and that I just need to have some growing up time to myself. The very most important immediate goal that I have made for myself in senior year is to get closer to God and to be more evolved.

My reason for this goal is not only because I need to. In my heart I know that I have a great relationship with God, but I get in deep thought sometimes and it really does hit me that we are not promised another day it is truly a gift. I just feel that I need to recognize not only God giving me life but also all that he has blessed me with as well. As Christians sometimes we may over look all that he is doing but when it all comes down to the end we see that nothing works unless we choose to go through him and trust his works.

In writing this essay I have no option but to continue to think how I became who I am today. In the obvious sense God made me who I am as a person through all the trials and celebrations In my life. Once again without God I truly have nothing, but with God I am blessed with so much. He has brought me through all of provided me with the number of people and circumstances that have impacted my life. By believing in him I will always be assured, and know that he has always and will always have my back.

Even when I am wrong he will forgive me, and follow through with what he knows is best for my future that he has set out for me. This is why God is the overall reason that I should be thankful that I am even alive for today. I would also like to give credit to my Aunt Lisa for helping me become the person I am today. To start off with in the real sense she isn’t even really my blood Aunt, in my heart she will always be, but in reality she is Just a great role model who has never et left my side.

Every since I was a young child she has always welcomed me into her home to do as I please, and too this day she still does. In fact I am at her house right now using her computer to write this essay. Her Just being here for me whenever I needed and always offering good advice is enough to say she has definitely impacted who I am. She has made me realize I need to be accountable to people in need, and maybe one day I can be as big of a role model to someone else as she has been to me. From this day until forever I will always be sure to be the shoulder for the needy to lean on.